Visit Bø Bø Sommarland Telemarkskanalen

The canal boats

There are three canalboats and they meet at the lock in Lunde every day..

Ruteplan og priser for Kanalbåtene - timetable and prices


The boats Victoria and Henrik Ibsen meet outside the campsite every day. The third boat, Telemarken, comes to the lock in Lunde and then returns to Akkerhaugen. That means there are three boats coming and going between 12.45-13.45. The canal bus goes from the parking lot just outside of the campsites reception, There is also a local bus that goes from Lunde centre. 

You can order your tickets at telemarks reiser

Here you can see the Telemarks canal i 30 minutes.


Telemark Kanalcamping has made some suggestions for tours with the canal boat. Always check the timetables for yourselves before the trip, to be absolutely sure.



Lunde - Dalen: Victoria or Henrik Ibsen from Lunde at 13.05. Arrival Dalen 18.30 (Victoria) and 17.50 (Henrik Ibsen). Bus back 10 minutes after arrival in Dalen. Arrival Lunde approximately 2 hours later.
Lunde - Kviteseid: This trip is only possible to take when Victoria goes from Skien to Dalen. Departure from Lunde at 13.05, arrival at 16.30. Bus back, monday - friday at 18.30 and saturday at 16.40
Lunde - Ulefoss: Victoria or Henrik Ibsen, departure Lunde at 13.25 and Telemarken departure Lunde at 13.45, arrival Ulefoss at 15.20 and at 16.00. Go back to Lunde with the local bus. Monday - friday every hour (15.41 and 16.41) NB! No busses in the weekends.
Ulefoss - Lunde: Take the local bus from Lunde to Ulefoss lock at 08.10, 09.10 or 10.10 (arrival Ulefoss at 08.26, 09.26 and 10.26) Canal boat to Lunde at 10.35, arrival Lunde at 12.50 


Lunde - Fjågesund: Victoria or Henrik Ibsen departure from Lunde at 13.05 (If you want a longer trip, you can cycle to Ulefoss and take the boat from there at 10.35). Arrival Fjågesund at 15.20. Cycle 36 km back to Lunde. (maxi taxi up to 16 people NOK 1600,-) Fjågesund to Lunde)
Hogga - Ulefoss: cycle from Lunde to Hogga (6km), take the boat at 12.25. Arrival Ulefoss at 15.20. Cycle back to Lunde (14km). The trip can be made shorter by going of the boat in for example Vrangfoss.
Lunde - Akkerhaugen: Canal boat from Lunde at 13.45. Arrival Akkerhaugen at 17.00. Cycle back to Lunde or take a taxi (maxi taxi approximately NOK 1400,-)

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